My Values

I believe that public education is an indispensable pillar for a strong democracy. 

Education prepares our next generation for the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. It strengthens democracy by teaching fundamental values of equality, fostering a love of learning, instilling a deep sense of community and solidarity, and inspiring a desire to strive for excellence. I am grateful to have observed all of these not only at our kids’ schools but more generally in the Granite School District.

I am fully behind the Granite School Board’s slogan “from here, anything is possible.” and I will work hard to fullfil this ambitious promise to all our students. 

Caring, equality, inclusion, and fairness are the values guiding my campaign to serve you on the Granite School Board.

EquityEquality of Opportunity – each student deserves the opportunity to do their best
Inclusion – each student belongs to our community and school
Fairness – each student deserves fair evaluations
Caring – each student deserves to be respected, loved, encouraged and challenged

From the PTA, I adopt as mine the notion of fighting for all students, not just some.

My Promise

My Priorities