My Promise

”I am running for Granite school board to continue to serve my community. ”

As a Granite School board member, I will be a public servant, and I take my role very seriously. I am here to serve you and listen to you.

I promise that the values of CaringEquityInclusionFairness will be guiding my decisions when I represent the precinct 1 of the Granite School District.

I promise that I will actively listen to parents, educators, school administrators and constituents on any issues that they bring up to me. I promise to get back to you personally and timely.

I promise to be available for these conversations, foster them and be a bridge to and from the Granite School District.

I promise to exercice critical thinking and carefully listen to all points of view.

I promise to keep in mind the common good while carefully considering the specific populations affected by any decision.

My Priorities

My Endorsements