My Priorities

There are many issues in addition to the ones listed below. The ones below are the ones that I will focus on, because of their impact on student’s achievement.

Keeping all our students’ academic achievements to where it needs to be despite the massive disruption that Covid-19 brought. This will be my highest priority if elected on the board. A large number of students will have gone for 5 months, perhaps more, with little to no schooling. Reducing the damaging impact of Covid-19 will not be easy. It will require creativity and calling on our community for help. But we can’t move forward as a district without a plan and a firm promise to our students.

Support our educators and support staff in as many ways as possible
Our educators are amazing ! Our ability to recruit outstanding educators, retain them, and ensure that our teachers are recognized for their contributions to our students is the first and essential step toward enabling students’ achievement. I’ll have the teachers’ back.

Creating and fostering a safe environment for students to excel
Students can only learn and succeed in a safe environment. I will focus on all aspects of the learning environment, from ensuring that schools are staffed with sufficient school psychologists, social workers, or teaching kids and parents how to manage social media, handling bullying or taking care of the vaping epidemic and breathe clean air among many issues that are faced daily by educators, parents and administrators.

Following research and best practices
Learning in the 21st century, equipping our students to the lifelong tools that they need to succeed in an everchanging marketplace, is a large responsibility. We can use the most recent body of litterature on education and the latest technology – when appropriate – to enhance the teaching experience, cater to individual student learning style and pace and help students learn the way that works for them best. I will especially focus on what works, using research and evidence-based practices.

As a board member, there are many other things that I will closely follow in our district: from the corrective measures taken on the Proficiency Based Learning initiative to teacher’s retention to the judicious Rebuild and Remodel of our schools to keeping our schools safe and a haven for learning or dealing with the future demographics of our district.

My Values

My Promise