Get Involved!

We need your help and spread the word and there are many ways you can get involved depending on your situation.

We are facing an unprecented period of our lives right now with Covid-19. This virus is taking a lot of us, emotionally and sometimes financially. Therefore, I am asking you to be sensitive to people’s personal situation.

You want to help and you are wondering how?

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I would like a yard sign on my lawn

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Volunteer to reach out to neighbors and friends and spread the word. Make sure that people know that they can contact me at any time. We will provide flyers or door hangers. [contact-form-7 id=”153″ title=”Door Knocker Form”]


Donate your time and call constituents. In this time of crisis and confinement, we will need to find novel ways to reach out to voters that do keep us all safe. Calling is still OK![contact-form-7 id=”165″ title=”Phone Banker Form”]


First, please donate to your favorite charities to support the Covid-19 effort first and foremost. There are many charities doing great work, from the Granite Education Foundation, the United Way, the Red Cross, the Road Homes etc… etc…
You may wonder why I am raising money. I was wondering that too before entering this race ! The money raised will be spent on reaching out to voters.
For example, our team needs to have yard signs. Did you know that one yard sign costs $5? As you donate, you can think you are donating 1, 2 or more yard signs.
I am planning on being environmentally-friendly and limit paper flyers and postcards. I will report on that personally to all donors. We are committed to grassroots funding and grassroots action! Even small amounts help.
You can donate with the link below. I also accept cash, checks & venmo. Thank you for your donation.

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