People who know France support her candidacy – from parents, to School Community Council members and members and board members of the PTA to elected officials. Read what these people have to say about France’s ability to serve on the Granite School District board.

Elected Officials

Jeff Silvestrini, Mayor of Millcreek
France listens and she is a tenacious advocate who engages in a civil manner to advance change. She has sought out and heard my concerns, but I am further impressed with her vision for the Granite School District and the kids and families it serves

Steve Gunn, Former City councilman City of Holladay
France is one of those people of whom it can be said that on any project or cause she undertakes she is “all in”. The Granite School Board would be lucky to have her as a member

Linda Howell and Scott Howell, Former Utah State Senator minority leader
Hopefully people understand the quality leader you are“.

Involved Parents

PTA and School Community Council Members

I am so excited France is running for School Board. Years ago I met France while serving on the Community Council of my children’s Elementary school. The council became the forefront of a devisive and heated issue among the community concerning reconfiguration. Being a natural leader, France became the voice of one side of the argument. I did not know France personally at this time, but I quickly became impressed by her ability to listen to both sides and seek to understand everyone’s point of view. She became the voice of reason between two polarizing sides and helped everyone accept what must be done for the good of the whole. I later had the opportunity to serve on the PTA Executive Board with France. Again, I was impressed with her ambition and desire to provide the very best for our kids and community. She has always been so easy to work with and always strives to understand all scenarios. I have come to know France as a friend and I value the point of view she adds to my life as well as the ideals she inspires me to strive for. She would be an excellent member of our District School Board.
Stacia Cummins,
Parent, Morningside Elementary, former SCC member

I’m excited that my friend, France Barral, is running for Granite School District’s school board. Working with her in the community, I’ve seen how hard she works to advocate for students and teachers. She’s passionate about education. She is dedicated to learning about the issues that affect our kids and our schools and works hard to understand all sides of the issues.
Sonja Blodgett
Parent, Skyline High School

I met France, a few years ago at our children’s elementary school.  I had the opportunity to work with her as a parent volunteer for our school’s community council.  It was there that I saw France’s passion and commitment to our children’s education. France was ready to roll up her sleeves and jump into solving a problem.  She thinks outside the box, trying to come up with solutions to differing issues. France is easy to talk to and she is a good listener. She cares not only about issues regarding education, but also the environment and other important issues that face Utahns.  France cares about real issues that impact our lives, she is motivated to help others and wants to represent important issues that affect all of us. She works real hard to understand issues and her compassion and care are essential to have our voices heard.
Arshia Kergaye,
Parent, Morningside Elementary, former SCC member

Teachers & School Administrators

Understandably, GSD teachers and school administrators are not allowed to give endorsements per district policy. This does not mean that France does not have support among teachers and administrators.

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