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My name is France Barral. I am originally from France (I am not named after my country, but my name is the French equivalent of Frances), and I have lived in Utah since 2001. I am the mother of two beautiful and kind kids, both attending the French dual immersion program at Morningside Elementary, and we love it.

Why would you want me representing on the Granite School Board ? Please see my experience and volunteer experience below. I bring dedication, passion and a deep sense of service to all that I do.

Education & Professional Experience
Business degree from Marseilles Business School
Masters in macro-economics
CPA Certificate
Former CEO of VisionFund Senegal
Currently overseeing 28 organizations core banking needs across the world
Years of experience in project management, accounting & finance & leadership.

School Committment & Accomplishments
Former School Community Council member
Former member Executive Board of the PTA, Morningside Elementary
Currently serving on the GSD District Community Council
Currently serving on the PTSA Skyline council

In my various roles over the years, I participated or spearheaded the following efforts: implementation of flashing lights on the west side of Morningside in close collaboration with the city of Holladay; added a clean air monitor and used the health & safety week to educate kids on clean air; fought for the passing of the GSD bond in 2017 and fought for the referendum on the tax reform of 2019. I also worked hard to convince Millcreek to pass a resolution to go to 100% net zero renewable energy by 2032 and recommended that our school purchase a mindfulness program for the classroom and parents while on the SCC.

Personal & Interests
Mum to two beautiful and kind kids, both attending the French dual immersion program at Morningside Elementary
Married to Randy Eggert for 23 years
We love hiking, mountain biking, going on various adventures and watching the full moon.
We all love to read, enjoy cooking a good meal and the company of friends (now remotely).

When our daughter started first grade, we moved to the Granite School District so that we could send her (and later her brother) to the French dual-immersion program. This has been a great decision and have also encouraged friends to move into the district as well. I have been involved in Granite school matters ever since the first day of enrollment. I volunteer at our kids’ school and have been serving on the PTA, first at our school and now at the Skyline network. I have also served on our kids’ School Community Council and currently serve on the Granite District Community Council.

I hold a business degree and a CPA certificate. Over my career, I have worked in accounting, finance, and business evaluation & acquisition, I have also successfully run an organization.

I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to microfinance, which helps low-income populations in developing nations by giving them a chance to finance their business and thrive. I had the privilege to run a microfinance institution in Senegal from 2013 to 2015. Under my leadership, the employee morale and performance improved significantly which allowed the organization to grow quickly.

I currently work part-time and spend the rest of my time volunteering. As long as I can remember, I have volunteered for causes that matter to me, from human and civil rights, to the environment, to education.

Please donate to my campaign!

Our team needs to print flyers, yard signs and door-hangers. We are committed to grassroots funding and grassroots action and listening carefully to everyone in the community!