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Lessons Learned

Well this is it…. well almost. This week is the last week of ‘classes’ or ‘school’ at the Granite School District. Phew! We will all agree that this was very challenging for educators, students, parents and administrators alike. I have witnessed countless heroic and heartwarming stories, but I have also heard of the challenges of switching to distance learning so suddenly. Our teachers have done an amazing job, and parents will truly appreciate them for the heroes that they are. Expectedly however, this has not always been a smooth transition and our teachers are also reporting unprecedented levels of exhaustion.

As superintendent Sidnee Dickson explained during her talk at the Eccles School of Business last Friday, the state is already planning for a few scenarios for the fall, some of which will involve continuing distance learning.

So the uncertainty that we have experienced in the last few months is here to stay. So let’s use the summer months and capitalize on the lessons learned by all of us before the summer break hits and we gleefully forget about our experience hoping to put it behind us.

I suggest a simple survey sent to each parent, student and educator, of their ‘top 3’. Top three things that worked well, and top three things that did not. Such a student / parent survey would be easy to compile for each teacher and for each school, and results could be shared within a school, and across schools. So that if we have to return to some form of distance learning, our educators would have the benefit of their own experience, as well as useful feedback from their students as well.