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Phases to Recovery

The Utah State Board of Education recently outlined their plan for students to recover from the slowdown or lack of learning. You can read the complete document here. Highlights are below.

Yet, I wonder how realistic this plan is. In the Salt Lake Tribune article evokes another reality. “It’s been 5 weeks and thousands of Utah students still haven’t logged on for school amid the coronavirus

By the end of the school year, the article that about 20% of the students will have missed about 2 months of learning. What will our percentage be in the Granite School District ? Granted, we can take out a few days for spring break, and time for testing, but overall, this is a massive amount to make up, especially if you have no internet access, no computer, no parent to guide you over your homework of a combination of these (I applaud GSD’s valiant effort to palliate internet and computer access).

I am grateful that the Utah State Board of Education is planning the recovery phase that will no doubt come, even if comes later than planned.
But I am not sure that planning on summer months for the phase 2 and bridging the learning gaps will be either practical or sufficient in a number of cases. And what are the implications of not being able to catch up during the summer months on the upcoming school year, even assuming that we’d all start school in August ?
I know that some teachers are already adjusting their lesson plans and building more review time at the beginning of the year. Will this more sufficient ? We will also need to worry about the grades the students are going into, dedicating perhaps additional resources for some critical grades? But this may not be enough: it will likely take more creativity and the proverbial ‘village’ to ensure that all students are caught up.
I’d like to see the Granite School District create a position that would ensure that all catch up efforts are coordinated, best practices disseminated across our schools and teachers, and results carefully tracked.
If elected on the board, following up on this issue will be my first and highest priority.