Thank You.

Dear friends,

The results are out! Sadly, there were very disappointing and I did not make the primary.

I am proud of the campaign we run, even if the results were not the ones we expected or hoped for. 

A huge thank to the ‘village’ that helped me in this campaign.

First, I would like to acknowledge my endorsements. Millcreek Mayor Silvestrini, former Holladay city councilman Steve Gunn, former minority leader Utah Senate Scott Howell, and a host of people who wished me well from the sidelines. Thank you for your trust and support.

Maggie, Kyler, Melissa, Arshia, Sonja, Joelle, Phil, Christine, Lisa, Misty, Priscilla, Stacia, Mandy, Sloane, Ronda, James, and Erin all volunteered to drop my postcards on people’s porches. You guys crushed it, and you made a real difference. Thanks to these postcards, I received phone calls from people then wanting yard signs, even up to a couple days ago. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing help.

Kyler, my ‘yard sign manager’, tirelessly worked at finding the best spots for signs and delivering them to so many of you. He will help me collect them too (thank you Kyler!).

Angel, Mitch, and Priscilla have been my personal angels on this campaign, answering my questions, helping me with social media, my website, and both my yard sign and postcard designs. I could not have done it without you, you have been amazing.

Of course, my biggest gratitude goes to my husband, Randy, and my kids, who have not seen much of me lately. They have made do with a MIA wife and mom.

I have tried my level best to reach out to the 31,000 voters of our precinct. It has been an interesting experience to try to reach everyone.

We distributed 3,000 postcards manually to people’s homes in just a couple weeks. I also reached out to 2,000 voters personally by calling them, as late as Tuesday afternoon (yes).  I also responded to a lot of inquiries, sometimes directly applicable to the school board, sometimes much larger. I am very grateful for all the conversations with voters.

Finally, I want to thank my generous friends and family for their donations: they meant the world to me, not just monetarily but in the faith you placed in me. Our campaign had a small budget comparatively, but I tried to be very judicious on how I spent both money and time, whether it was mine or donated. Just like I proposed to act on the school board.

It remains to be seen if the issues I fought for will make it to the district’s agenda, and in which seriousness they will be addressed. Supporting our teachers in more ways, fighting for better equity between our east and west side schools, and helping all our students succeed, even the ones that have obstacles in their way from the start. Time will tell.

With gratitude,